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What if we told you that you don’t have to be tied into payroll contracts? That you could effortlessly change to another solution without having to pay additional fees. What if we offered you a solution that could eliminate frustration, allow for more automation, encourage productivity and benefit your overall day-to-day payroll operations?


Run HR the smart way, the SmartHR way!

Looking for a fully integrated People Management Platform to digitise and optimise not only your payroll but also your people, data and processes? SmartHR offers best-of-breed talent management to ensure you hire, develop, manage and measure your human capital. With a single employee Masterfile, SmartHR ensures you are always on top.


Welcome to SmartPay,

a world-class payroll software management system that has been designed by payroll experts who understand the day-to-day challenges of payroll and dated systems.

Not only is SmartPay easy to use – switching over to SmartPay is even easier. When you choose SmartPay you choose simplicity, with no additional fees, and no license fee for the current period of your existing payroll.

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run your payroll from anywhere, anytime!


Accurate, secure, 100% compliant


World-class payroll software


24/7 Personalised support


More automation, time-saving, increased productivity


Pay your people anywhere, anytime


Simple, flexible and reliable


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Yes, data is updated within a live environment, resulting in all changes being current. There is also no limit to the number of users that may be logged on simultaneously. Thus, no lost processing time.

Very easy, especially with our convenient search functionality and set up of your own personalized favorites menu.

Yes, it is possible. Smartpay can integrate with T&A software, HR software, and GL’s.

Clients are able to log tickets via our support desk at any time. Dedicated consultants are allocated to clients to ensure continuous and on-time support and service.

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